Friday, 22 September 2017

Get fit by doing good

GOODGYM - The group gathers at the hotel, in a designated room, at 6.45pm and runs to a local community venue or project where they spend around 45-60 minutes volunteering on a wide variety of tasks, before enjoying a short fitness session, led by the Tower Hamlets trainer,Laura Williams. The fitness session may consist of anything from a short, sharp metabolism-boosting workout, to running laps of a park or Pilates moves! All exercises and running speeds cater to all fitness abilities, so no one ever gets left out or left behind.  

Examples of community tasks the group have recently enjoyed include:  

- Gardening, weeding and clearing (Hollybush Estate)
- Painting and decorating (Oxford House)
- Turning compost, cleaning out goat stable (Stepney City Farm)
- Litter-picking in Mile End Park (Tower Hamlets Council Big Clean Up)
- Building tyre slides (Weavers Adventure Playground)
- Making playground furniture from disused wood (as above)
- Moving mulch in Victoria Park   

Hotel guests, employees, visitors, neighbours are all more than welcome – the GoodGym group loves nothing more than new runners, whether soon-to-be regulars, or just GoodGym tourists, and every week they welcome plenty of first time runners, so you’re unlikely to be the only new runner!  

You simply turn up at 6.45pm, where you’ll get a warm welcome. Event details and sign-up can be found online here, while Reception staff will happily point you in the right direction. We look forward to see you on Monday!    

You can find out more about how GoodGym work on their website here or watch a short video about them here. Also, get to know more about Laura here.