Money Talk with Countertalk


17 Jan 22


Understanding money and saving is a way of feeling empowered and taking charge of your future.
If you've been stuck wondering how you can get on the property ladder or how you can possibly save or become debt free this is the talk for you. Our two experts will be responsible for different parts. Natalie Dormer is our resident psychologist-turned-financial-coach who specialises in helping people understand their own relationships with money and giving practical advice that can assist in creating saving plans and developing healthy spending habits.

Hussein works specifically with the hospitality industry and has a good insight into the spending habits of those working in it. Hussein will be talking about what you need to get onto the property ladder, how a mortgage works and more.

In this talk we will be covering the following:

- Unlocking behavioural patterns associated with spending habits
- Steps to saving, the best ways to invest your money
- What you can be doing now to plan for your future
- What you need to get on the property ladder
- How a mortgage works
& more

P.S. Tickets include espresso martinis on arrival from Allpress!