Mother's Meeting


24 Feb 20


Unlike most inspiring events - we are letting you come along with baby in arms - so no more feeling as if you are getting left out, because night time outings are no longer a option. Well for the moment anyway.

Babies welcome, teas and coffees available throughout the event.

Our guest speakers / mentors are at various stages in their careers, so there will be someone for everyone to relate to. With backgrounds in an array of different disciplines - from architecture, buying, launching clothing, coaching, HR - we have made sure our guests tick all the right boxes.

Whether you are looking for a new direction, some motivation to get your belly fired up or just an excuse to put something decent (that isn't your best pj's), coming to a MM can feel scary and intimidating - but we promise you will leave with more friends, confidence and a bigger spring in your step than you have had in a long time!

10am - 2pm