Pancake Week


04 Mar 19 - 10 Mar 19


If you, like us share the opinion that Pancake Day is too short, there are good news to follow. This year, we at Town Hall decided to spread the joy and make a week out of it! 

Join us at Corner Room this Monday to Sunday, 4th to 10th March for the special Roast banana parfait and chocolate caramel crêpe. Consider your lunch break sorted or just indulge as the highlight to your dinner, we won’t judge both ways! 

Bon Appétit and Happy Pancake Week!


In case you won’t be able to join us this week, our amazing Chef Simon Shand has decided to share the recipe with you, so yo can try and prepare this delicious dessert at home.

150g flour
200g milk 3 eggs
40g melted butter

Combine all ingredients together thoroughly and allow 6 hours to rest.
In a large non stick pan melt some butter and gently spoon a thin layer of crepe batter. Roll the pan around so that the mixture spreads thin and evenly. Cook gently until a light golden colour and carefully flip. Remove from the heat once cooked and keep warm.

6 bananas peeled and halved lengthways
300g sugar
1 litre cream
4 gelatine leaves softened in ice water

Coat the bananas in a light sugar and blow torch until a deep golden caramel
Warm the cream and the remaining sugar in a pan until dissolved. Add the gelatine and the bananas and a pinch of salt and blitz until very smooth. Freeze the mixture. Once frozen churn just before serving and place into a piping bag.

250g sugar
50g butter
300g cream
100g chocolate

Make a dark caramel with the sugar, add the butter until emulsified and allow to cool down.
Warm the cream and the chocolate together. Mix the two mixtures together until nicely emulsified. Mix through a generous sprinkling of sea salt. Pour into piping bags and allow to cool.

Take the crepe and only filling half of the crepe piping a large line of banana parfait, and then below this a large line of chocolate caramel, alternating until half the crepe is filled. Fold over the unfilled half of the crepe and serve.