• When
    26th October
  • Entry
    £25 per person

Event Info

Join the séance. An interactive illusion during Halloweenat Town Hall Hotel on the 26th October, 2017

“Think of a question about your future. Don't tell anybody what it is.
Let's find an answer on the other side...”

Join “Ex-Theologist turned Illusionist” Philipp Oberlohr in this dark spectacle with rituals, long lost mediums and the strange experience of knowing what can't be known.

“Leave your beliefs at the door. Together with weak-hearted loved ones...
or risk having both of them permanently altered.”

The uncertainty of the future has driven people to seek the spirits’ advice for centuries. séance plays with our beliefs – sceptics, agnostics and believers alike, when it reveals the answers to our questions... or so it seems.

Join the séance. An interactive illusion during Halloween
at Town Hall Hotel on the 26th October.

Tickets are £25.00 and will treat guests to a conjuring cocktail by Peg+Patriot followed by the séance in our 1930's Council Chamber. 

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