Special Guest at Town Hall


28 May 19


Want to come but not sure what to share? Come anyway. Sit back, listen, and enjoy the ride. If you feel inspired, you can take the mic whenever feels right.

How it works:

- An event where the audience are the speakers.
- Listen, clap, cheer. Support your fellow special guests. 
- Take the stage to share anything for 60 seconds (optional). 

What's it like?

"Take 60 seconds to say/do/act/sign/do a crossword/get advice/cry/confess/play flip cup/declare love... do whatever YOU want, to a crowd of willing listeners who will do nothing but cheer you on and support you." – @missanniely

"You have the chance to get up and talk about absolutely anything for 1 minute with a group of badass people listening and being your best cheerleaders. I never thought I’d get up or have anything to say, but I was wrong, the vibe is infectious." – @georgia_furness

“Wow wow wow. Last night was so so magical. @SpecialGuestLDN has literally changed my view on community and our generation. If you stop to listen to people you can be so inspired.” – @afrocreative