The Heat: a Kitchen (R)evolution


08 Apr 19


Maya Gallus’s new documentary The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution features three women who have spent most of their adult lives in the kitchen, and four younger chefs who the filmmakers believe are “the hungry talents of a new generation.“'

"I really wanted to illuminate an aspect of the culinary world that I felt wasn’t being highlighted: the role of women chefs," Gallus says. "My intention with this film is that The Heat really does speak to our times, whether it's women in male-dominated kitchens, women in the film, women in engineering, women in tech."

After watching, stick around for an open discussion about topics raised in the film with an industry based panel. The previous panel discussion featured topics ranging from how to ask for a pay rise, how to enter the industry, to the panels favourite restaurants. 

*This is a non profit event* 
*Snacks provided prior to the screening courtesy of industry friends*