The most massive dinner on Earth - GELINAZ!


03 Dec 19



Domo Sophism (The Stay-in Tour)

148 chefs, 138 restaurants, 38 countries, 700 hours of simultaneous cooking and 2,200 recipes

On December, 3rd join Da Terra's team in the culinary journey of the year - GELINAZ!

The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle is back, a worldwide and unique food performance where chefs stay at home and swap their recipes for one day.   

Following the success of the inaugural SHUFFLE in 2015, this year’s challenge, DomoSophism is all about staying put. In a world of environmental consciousness, GELINAZ! SHUFFLE 2019 stays at home and only the recipes travel.

Picked at random by ballot, each restaurant will be partnered with another anonymous participating restaurant, sharing recipes across the globe. In true GELINAZ! spirit, no one (not chefs, front of house staff, nor guests) will know the name of their partnered restaurant or chef until dinner is served when GELINAZ! will inform with a grand reveal. 

Expect the unexpected and enjoy this double blind date. Remember, tonight the chef is not totally in control (neither are you)!