16 Apr 22


Join us in April to celebrate Easter with the animals of the moment – Bunnies. We'll also have some gorgeous Guinea Pigs coming along as well for good measure, because well, why not? 

We'll be spending time observing these fabulous furries, learning how to sketch from life and learning all about them from Farmyard's Manager Jenny. This class will also have a focus on responsible pet ownership and we will be busting myths and discussing the very best ways of making sure your pet rabbits or guinea pigs are at their happiest and healthiest. And yes, there might be an opportunity for a little stroke or a snuggle at the end!

All animals are rescued or rehomed and are visiting from the local Spitalfields City Farm, where they are cared for to the highest degree along with goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and the superstar resident donkeys Derek and Bayleaf. This event will help support the farm – a charity in it's own right – and help to sustain its upkeep and provide happy homes for a whole variety of rescue animals! 

All drawing materials are supplied, including paper and drawing boards, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use.


Session 1 - 11am to 1pm - purchase here