29 May 22


This May, join us for a day of super-cute drawing classes!

'Miniature' or 'teacup' pigs is the term given to a smaller-than-average pig, originally created by crossbreeding a pot-bellied pigs and a New Zealand Kune-Kune. Although the piglets will be small at this stage, we will be talking about the realities of owning 'Miniature' pigs, the complex care they need and how large they can really grow!

As well as being super cute – the drawing class will have an ethical focus – we will discuss welfare issues within the world of pig farming and the meat industry and 10% of each ticket price will be donated to Farms not Factories. 

Be prepared to fall in love with these lovely little animals, and all for a good cause! 

All drawing materials are supplied, including paper and drawing boards, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use.

Session 1 - 11am to 1pm - purchase here
Session 2 - 2pm to 4pm - purchase here