Wildlife Drawing - Wolves


15 Mar 20


Our much-loved wolves in full size are back this March for more sketching and stroking in the stunning surrounds of the Council Chamber. 

British Lupine dogs are perfectly tame and loyal domestic pets despite having pure wolf in their bloodline. They still retain their pack mentality, eat only raw meat and howl at the full moon – yet love cuddles and roll over for belly rubs! 

The class will be introduced to the “wolves” with a short talk from Canine Behavioural Scientist and 'Head Wolf' Natalie Lagstrom, and we’ll look in detail at their anatomy and how they’ve evolved to adapt to a variety of habitats across the globe.

As well as drawing these amazing animals, we will discuss current conservation issues facing wolves in the wild – plus the results of their incredible reintroduction to Yellowstone. Our wolf experts are full of facts and will be ready and willing to answer any questions you might have and of course, everyone can have a stroke and a cuddle at the end!

10% of each ticket will be donated to Wolf Watch UK.