Filming & Production

From our Council Chamber to the gym, pool, restaurant or even luxury apartment, Town Hall Hotel can provide the setting for any scene.
Over the years, Town Hall Hotel has been the preferred filming location to a wide variety of large and small scale productions.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Atonement, Black Mirror, Adverts from Top Gear to Eurostar, Various music videos, Selfridges and Uniqlo fashion shoots plus over 300 more are only part of the happy clients we’ve had the opportunity to work with throughout the years!

Town Hall Hotel has been a film set for ten years before becoming a hotel and therefore is very well known in the industry as a location. We are extremely film friendly and pride ourselves on being totally geared up for film crews. We offer rails, steamer and mirrors to productions as well as specific production/filming menus and green room/base rooms.

To enquire about availability and for everything else that you might need, please do not hesitate to contact our Events team at

Richard Godfrey, 5th June 2019

Dear Kay,
I think our thanks should go to you and your team, who were without exception, brilliant.
I sincerely hope we didn’t create problems for your guests. We certainly had no problems and all the arrangements worked beautifully, including a delicious lunch.
So thank you to the Town Hall for their excellent and hard-working staff.
Very best wishes
Production Manager
BBC Studios