Bethnal Hall Room

An elegant, refined space with high ceilings, huge windows and polished wood panelling
on the walls. The Bethnal Hall is made up of four interconnected rooms which are separated by solid walls which recess into the ceiling, using the original, reconditioned 30s mechanism.

This mechanism allows the walls to move up and down providing companies the option to open and close rooms throughout the day (great for meetings requiring breakouts).
Size Reception Theatre Dinner & Dance Dinner Classroom
Bethnal Hall 189.8M2 200 150 100** 120 88
Mayor's Room 65.6M2 50 40 20 40 24
Councillor's Room 65.6M2 40 20 X 20 10
Secretary's Room 52.9M2 50 40 24 40 24
Deputy's Room 35.6M2 40 20 X 20 10
Bethnal hall layout(1)