APT at Town Hall Hotel


04 Jul 20 - 31 Dec 20


Welcome to an idea born from a fervent love for the industry most affected by the global pandemic. The concept? Think: private chef hire with a twist.

Choose from a roster of London’s best chefs and have them cook for your social bubble of 2-10 guests — all from one of Town Hall Hotel’s many apartments. 

The Chefs:

Shuko Oda of Koya
Rafael Cagali of Da Terra*
James Cochran of Restaurant 12:51
Jackson Boxer of Orasay
Claude Bosi of Bibendum Oyster Bar**
Lee Westcott (formerly of Pensons* and Typing Room)
Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni
Chris Leach of Manteca
Jeremy Chan of Ikoyi*
and many others.